PROJECT: Marian and Joseph: A Revolutionary Love Story

Marian and Joseph: A Revolutionary Love Story is a work in progress piece and will present extracts in an ‘installation’ style combining performance and archival film.  The piece captures Irish Political Melodramas performed at the Queens Theatre in Dublin and beyond. Looking through the characters eyes; that of the noted diarist Joseph Holloway and the Sligo actress Marian Culler, the play interrogates ideas of popular theatre, gender and the promise of the Proclamation through Irish poor theatre

Dates and Location






About the Artist

Susanne Colleary is Lecturer/Theatre Practitioner and researcher in the Humanities Department at Sligo Institute of Technology (ITS) and as Adjunct Lecturer in Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Susanne was awarded her PhD from University College Dublin in 2011 in Theatre/Performance Studies.  She has just published her first book entitled Performance and Identity in Irish Stand-Up Comedy: The Comic ‘i’ (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), which was launched at TCD in February 2015. She has published widely on Irish theatre, stand-up comedy and televisual satire.  She was a member of Equity as an actor and is also a member of the Irish Society of Theatre Research , the Arts Education Research Group (TCD) and the International Association for Humour Studies. Susanne has been working on practice-based research and performance focused on contemporary and historicized understanding of Irish popular theatre for seven years.


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