KEYNOTE: Seeing with Our Ears, Hearing with Our Eyes: A Home-Makers Guide to the Twenty-First Century – Katie Gough

This keynote will take the form of a performance score that begins with the singular event of 1916 and the 200+ year durational “non-event” that goes by the short hand Magdalene Laundries singing an asynchronous duet. In this “score” I will both demonstrate and narrate the processes by which we might start to answer how one may include the hidden voices of 1916 in national narratives, and articulate these sonic, vocal histories with the stories of the nation and its people in the image-laden world of 2016. How might crossing our senses – where we train ourselves to see with our ears and hear with our eyes – contribute to the making of more humane and equitable homes? Instead of providing definitive answers, I take seriously the question of “How?” as in a “How to…” guide that is intended to speak to our work on the stage and as critical writers, researchers and teachers. In this collectively imagined oratorio-turned-guide-book (provisionally entitled A Home-Makers Guide to the Twenty-First Century) we will pay careful attention to the differences that emerge when histories are narrated like images on a film strip versus histories that operate like a sound loop. In doing so we can reflect on how seeing in auditory space – on scoring our historical consciousness – changes the past itself.


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