PROJECTS: As Duas Mortes de Roger Casement / The Two Deaths of Roger Casement – Cia Ludens

As Duas Mortes de Roger Casement / The Two Deaths of Roger Casement is the a Cia Ludens theatre documentary-drama written by Domingos Nunez, with musical arrangement by Alberto Heller, and produced by Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos. It is based on the Amazon diaries of Roger Casement, his other writings, and material written about his life and career by his contemporaries, and later critics and commentators.The centenary of Casement’s execution, in 1916, and his role in Brazilian history, serving as consul in Brazil in the early twentieth century, and denouncing the atrocities perpetrated against native populations in the rubber extraction industry of the time, prompted Cia Ludens to investigate this slice of history – which is still relatively unexplored – and with it the complexities of the Casement’s character. The pre-production process included a trip to the West of Ireland and a trip to the Amazon, as well as research on the documentary theatre genre, by means of the realization of a cycle of rehearsed readings of Irish documentary plays, in São Paulo, in October and November 2015. As Duas Mortes de Roger Casement was created and written by a process using workshops with actors, during which the dynamics of the text, the musical composition, the significance and relative importance of both, and the degree to which they could be successfully communicated to the public, were discussed.  This lead to a joint discovery of the frontiers of the documentary genre, and to the results being subjected to tests in the form of successive different treatments, seeking a drama format appropriate to the Brazilian audience. Dramatized readings of these treatments were held in 2015, prior to the full production of the play with the final text and musical arrangements, in São Paulo, in September and October 2016.

Dates and Location

September 1st – October 9th, Thursdays-Sundays, 2016.

Teatro Aliança Francesa, Rua General Jardim, 182 – Vila Buarque

01223-010 São Paulo SP, Brazil.


About the Artist(s)

Cia Ludens (with Domingos Nunez as artistic director and Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos as dramaturge and producer) is a theatre company based in São Paulo, founded in 2003, dedicated to the research, translation and performance of Irish theatre, and its connections with the social, cultural and political reality of Brazil. It has a repertoire of six productions of plays never previously staged in Brazil, four reading cycles, and eight books published in partnership with commercial and university presses. Cia Ludens has been acclaimed by the Brazilian critics and public – with nominations for awards including: The Shell Theatre Award – awards of Best Actor, and Best Actress; the APCA (São Paulo Art Critics’ Association) Award – for 10 years’ work dedicated to the Irish theatre; and the prestigious Jabuti Award, for the translations of the plays of Brian Friel, by Domingos Nunez.

Further and Contact Information

Domingos Nunez –

Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos –


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