PROJECT: Aground – Loci

‘Aground’ is a visual arts exhibition and open public event created by the Loci Artists Group in a site-specific location in Moville. ‘Aground’ is the work of five artists collectively exploring aspects of ‘Irishness’ within the cultural context of the relationship to the State arising from the events of 1916.

Several strands of thought unfold through the exhibition:

  •  ‘Aground’ explores elements of the historic events connected with 1916 – particularly as they unfold through and around figures such as Erskine Childers, Roger Casement and Jack White – and addresses how these have impacted on civic identities of 2016. Taking up the convergence of fact and fiction deployed in Childers’ book The Riddle of the Sands, the work explores real life events, definitions of treason, contradictory narratives about Irishness/Britishness, the difficulties and failures of conversation about nation and state in the aftermath of 1916 and unto 2016.
  • ‘Aground’ explores what it meant and means to be Irish, specifically engaging with different traditions and cultures displaced by insurrection and subsequent partition, in ways that are both direct and indirect. The project explores the notion that 1916 and its aftermath was one point from which fluidity in Irish identity became more difficult and eventually was fixed, and addresses the unbearable necessity of conversation with those with whom we disagree fundamentally, with those whose perspective and interests are in conflict with our own. The project also unfolds questions of identity and belonging through questioning ideas of ‘native’ plants and indigenous species.
  • Through its exploration of the ‘native’ and the ‘foreign’, a re-defining of personal Irishness in a foreign context, the ‘physicality of things moving around’ and a ‘fabric of people’, ‘Aground’ explores migratory experiences of displacement and settlement and movement between these two states and challenges assumptions about how a people, our people, might be constituted.

The work includes Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Narrative and Discussion.

Dates and Location

16-17 September 2016, Moville, Co. Donegal.



About the Artist(s)

Loci is the name of a small group of artists and writers who are motivated by an interest in site-specificity and collaborative practices in art-making and critical contexts.

Through a lens of different cultural backgrounds, ranging from NI Protestant, English/Irish parentage, Jewish/Welsh, Scots/British, to Irish/ROI born, and all resident in Northern Ireland, our contribution/s will explore notions of Irishness within the context of the relationship to the State arising from the events of 1916 and the contested conversations of 2016.

Further and Contact Information


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