PROJECTS: Gregory O’ Connor & Jim Hynes – Closures

A short drama in the form of a group therapy session highlighting the cruelty endured by women in Ireland and perpetrated by the Magdalene Laundries and the State.

The torturous regime of the laundries is evoked for the group through the eyes of a mother and her son, who now live a life of relative privilege in a new Ireland.

Whilst her inner psyche is still recoiling from the horrors of the Limerick Laundry peace has settled on the woman’s physical being through the arms of a loving and understanding husband.

The woman’s son, now a surgeon of some note, introduces his mother to the support group [audience] in an effort to find closure for her and also, one think’s for himself.

He invites her to cleanse her soul and mind and divulge her inner secrets to the assembled members.

Later the group are given an insight into a court of enquiry set up as a result of the Surgeon’s efforts to highlight the failings of both clerical and civil authorities in dealing with the issues. This is presented to the group as if one a video playback.

Dates and Location

Portumna Workhouse Centre. The proposed dates are Sunday 30 & Monday 31 October 2016. (Bank Holiday Weekend).




About the Artists

Gregory O’ Connor (Playwright) is a retired economics teacher who has also acted in the Taibhdhearc, Galway and Peacock and Pavilion Theatres in Dublin. He has also performed stand-up comedy in various locations including the Edinburgh Fringe.

Having written numerous Business and Economics texts Gregory turned his attention to writing drama and since moving to Portumna he has written four plays, two of which Café Conversations and A Family Rising have been performed by the Portumna Players.


Jim Hynes (Director) completed a 4-year degree at NUIG in May 2016 in Drama, Theatre and Performance. This course covered both practical and theoretical studies in theatre.

Jim always had an interest in plays and reading play scripts at a very young age. Making his stage debut in a convent school production of The Teddy Bears Picnic, which was run as part of a concert in the Town Hall Portumna, in the early 1960s.

He has directed many plays with Portumna Players Drama Group and formed his own company-Half Day Thursday, in 2012. The group specialize in one-acts plays.

Society has been hugely influenced by drama and a good instance of this is the number of Shakespearean quotes that have found their way into everyday language.

Both playwright and director are looking forward to the challenge of staging this original work.


Contact and Further Information


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