Projects: Alinne Fernandes – Patricia Brogan’s Eclipsed in Brazil: Resonances and Reflections

My project proposal is part of my most current and ongoing practice-based research on contemporary Irish women’s playwrights, titled “Representations of female corporealities in Irish women’s contemporary theatre”. The project involves the study, translation, and rehearsed reading/performance of a number of plays written by contemporary women playwrights from both the North and South of Ireland, amongst them Patricia Brogan’s Eclipsed (1992) and Mary Raftery’s No Escape (2010) – the latter was translated and performed in 2015. As for 1916: Home: 2016, an international and multidisciplinary artistic event, I intend to translate and organise a rehearsed reading of my own translation of Brogan’s Eclipsed in the 20th anniversary of the closure of Ireland’s last Magdalene Laundry. By means of my own dramaturgical translation of the play and artistic direction of the rehearsed reading, I intend to investigate the ways in which the harsh reality of the penitents at St Paul’s and the ways institutions in charge of vulnerable citizens in Ireland, such as the Catholic Church, may resonate with and speak to Brazilian audiences.

Dates and Location

June – August 2016: translation process; September 2016: rehearsals and rehearsed reading. Venue: Rehearsal Room n. 402 CFM, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis – SC, Brazil


About the Artist

Theatre translator and director – Alinne Fernandes is a professional translator and full-time lecturer at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), where she teaches literature, drama and translation. She concluded her PhD in Theatre and Translation at Queen’s University Belfast in November 2012. Her current research project investigates representations of women’s corporealities in four contemporary plays written by Irish and Northern Irish playwrights. Dr Fernandes has translated several plays, amongst them Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats… (to be published in Brazil in 2016-2017), Mary Raftery’s No Escape, Esteve Soler’s Contra el Progreso, Yeats and Lady Gregory’s Cathleen ni Houlihan. In May 2016, she directed a rehearsed reading of Cathleen ni Houlihan, which was performed by acting students at UFSC. Fernandes has also published articles on theatre translation in both international and national peer-reviewed journals, such as Cadernos de Tradução, Aletria, and the Journal of Romance Studies.

Contact and further information:

E-mail: and

University webpage:


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